Santa And Me…

Like the picture?  Of course you do.  But perhaps a little explanation is necessary:

In December, 2004, Santa was good enough to set up his Workshop at the Grove, outside of Farmer's Market.  For a couple of days he encouraged children to bring their pets along, to have their picture taken with him.

Well, I don't have a pet.  But I did have this…toy plush bunny.  It was given to my boyfriend by my niece, then 11-12 years old, and it quickly became one of his most prized possessions.  One weekend I 'borrowed'  the bun on some pretext, brought it – all trussed up in red ribbons – to his Workshop and had our picture taken, No Questions Asked.

And the charming result you can see above.

Now, if this doesn't put you in the spirit – or at least drive you to drinking some – I offer you one of my favorite songs from MST3K:

Let us all now sing
Our praises to the Lord today
Although you may not share
Our belief system
Which is perfectly O.K.

CROW: Maybe you worship an abstract being
That is kind of vague.
Or maybe you just
Worship a guy
Who's name is Greg.

TOM: Perhaps your religion doesn't
Include a time called Lent,
But whatever your religion
Is, we support you one hundred percent.

MIKE: So sit around the fire
And have a chestnut roast,
Or raise a glass in toast
To "Happy Days" Donny Most.

TOM: But if you prefer to eat
Indian food on Christmas day
I can only shrug my shoulders
And say "Namaste"

[spoken] Namaste!

CROW: Personally I prefer,
Turkey, gravy and salad
But lets never forget
All cultures are valid.

MIKE: So let's have peace on earth
And cut out all the bull.
Let's have a holiday season
That's multi-cultural.

CROW: If there's one point
We'd like to make
With this festive holiday song,

TOM: It's that Christmas comes just once a year
So for a few days
For crying out loud

ALL: Can't we all just get along?

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15 responses to “Santa And Me…

  1. Beautiful song, Aubs. And you look great too!

  2. That's a great picture, Aubrey! πŸ™‚ And a lovely funny song, too.

  3. "No Questions Asked" – heheh, no kidding, just look at Santa's face – I think he enjoyed the photo shoot very much – well, that, and the fact that he was happy to finally have someone on his lap who (hopefully) wouldn't pee on him in all the excitement!Great pic, and happy happy to you and the boyfriend πŸ™‚

  4. beautiful photo! and, awesome song! happy holidays, aubrey!

  5. what a lovely picture. thanks for sharing!Santa looks very professional; no tacky polyester outfit for him, it actually looks like crushed velvet and may that be a *real* beard?and don't you look lovely. I know better understand your crush on Louise Brooks. she could be your twin. and I don't pretend to know about fashion, but I'd bet some of your outfit is vintage. btw, I *loves* the jacket. is it a bolero?

  6. Chic and lovely, Aubrey! I love the song, so true–we should live it year 'round. Many blessings to you in 2007 and may your Heart's desire come true! xx –JP

  7. Aubrey! You ARE tres chic! We knew you had to be, having seen those
    swinging kids who grew up to be your parents. Indeed, you do Brooksie
    proud. I think Santa was enjoying having a lovely woman on his lap for
    a change.

  8. M, I think the elf photographer was On that day – I don't think I'll ever take a better photo ever again. I didn't pull on the beard, so I can't vouch for its realism…but yes, that's crushed velvet: Santa was stylin'!
    The jacket is my mother's – the skirt is from Urban Outfitters, the necklace is vintage.
    Everyone: I'm glad you like the photo and I agree – no one sings a plea for world peace/understanding/tolerance better than Mike and the robots!

  9. I'm loving the deer skirt. Very cute pic! And Santa doesn't look too skeevy–bonus!

  10. Merry Christmas Mel. I'm diggin' that skirt. Thanks for posting the pic and the song. I hope you had a fun Christmas. What are your plans for New Years?

  11. OMG, are those ponies on the skirt? You are sooo stylish, Aub. I hope you had a lovely Christmas with the BF.

  12. I see you followed the advice my grandmother always hissed at me as I trundled to the head of the Santa line: "Keep your knees together!" She didn't trust Santa much.

  13. Well, Redz, when I was little it was the EASTER BUNNY who held some sort of reign of terror over me. It was the EB that I feared – but he was the woodland creature with the candy, so I had to man up.

  14. Sorry I'm late to the Christmas party. What a fantastic picture! How very fun.

  15. Oh, I am so late, too! But, a simply lovely picture, Aubrey! And, as others stated, Santa could not be happier! :)Just great! Thanks for sharing!

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