Pimp Your Nutcracker…Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!


6 responses to “Pimp Your Nutcracker…Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

  1. Christmas fun for the whole family. Word.

  2. Yo, beotches, gonna crack yo' hazizzlenuts.

  3. lol at my homie 'zilla! In this vein, has anybody seen the Ghetto Charlie Brown Christmas spoof? It's on youtube, but it's pretty foul-mouthed so I don't dare post it. Sample: Linus sez to CB: "Of all the motherf***ers, you're the motherf***erest."

  4. I hate to be vulgar so close to Christmas…but where are the Sugarplum 'Hos?

  5. Alex – they're ho-ho-hosting a 'party' in Vegas. Cracker needs some new bling.

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