Card Attack

When it comes to greeting cards I am a terrible, terrible snob.  For just the right one I will search alot, pay alot, and not mind one bit.

So naturally around this time of year, I like to consider that the Greeting

Game Is Afoot.  But this year I was having no luck at all.  Everything I saw either featured illustrations poorly rendered, garish colors or boring 'woodcuts'…oh, how I cursed them!

So I decided that I would make
my own cards.  Why not?  I had
made them before, but had
somehow got out of the habit.  The process is an easy one, and the idea is perfect for a girl who likes to play dress-up:  I simply take a photo of my garish mug (I just go to the nearest precinct), and paste it over the face of someone who takes my fancy; someone I wouldn't mind being for a tiny while.  And I do it old-school:  with scissors, tape and a xerox machine.  (the day I learn to Photoshop, Stonehenge will melt)

This year I found three candidates.   Door #1:  Camille Clifford:  I could be the original Gibson Girl, approaching 6 ft. in height and wear a clinging floor-length gown, which would show off my 14-inch waist to best effect. 

Or I can take a look behind Door #2:  I can take the place of Adolf Meyer-Watson, taking over the costume he wore to the Devonshire House Ball, in 1897.  I would then be able to wear:  "a grey satin tunic elaborately embroidered in steel with ruby velvet trunks".  "Ruby velvet trunks"?  C'mon!

But all doors must be opened.  Door #3:  We would find Margot Asquith, coming to this same Ball as a snake charmer, with a gold snake wrapped around her bodice, a headpiece about to take flight and a spangled white gown.   Which did I choose?  Do you have to asp?

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5 responses to “Card Attack

  1. I'll bet Margot's dance card was full.

  2. My vote is for Margot, unless you're willing to draw the moustache on (or are cool enough to already have one like it) in which case it's the Baron.

  3. How delightful! And, I don't think I have to asp! 😀

  4. Yes, I chose Margot, and I'm happy to say that I have a slimmer neck than she does.

  5. Lovely idea! I would have guessed Margot too, if I had come earlier. There's something about having a gold snake wrapped around your bodice that very… distinctive.

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