Christmas Cat

I don't have pets, and the bitterness fuels my dispair.

But when I lived with my family we had several pets, including the above, Pandora.  A co-worker of my father's found her hiding in the grill of his car.  He couldn't keep her, so dad took her home.  By the way, I dare you to find a match for Pandora's expansive floofiness. 

She was a Christmas Cat for a few reasons:  she was part of our Christmas tradition of putting a bow on our cats' heads and taking a picture of their anguished 'My name is Inigo Montoya.  You put a bow on my head.  Prepare to die' expressions.  Pandora would also loiter around the decorated tree – we knew she did, because we would later see her promanading thoughout the house, plume of a tail held high, trailing tinsel behind her.  She also liked to hide, deep beneath the tree and peer out, for all the world as if she was one of her larger relatives, peering through the tall grass of the pampas, looking for something four-legged and meaty.

She is a Christmas Cat for one more reason – I know that many people have their cats carousing throughout the branches of their Christmas trees.  So delightful.  I mean, I've seen the photos.  But I have the above picture in a tiny frame, made into a tree ornament.  I always place her on the highest branch – so every year I too have a cat watching me from my Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas, 'Dora.

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11 responses to “Christmas Cat

  1. Very touching. And you're right, that floofiness is non-pareil.

  2. Oh, Pandora is a doll! And the thought of her parading through the house, tail held high, trailing tinsel….wonderful!

  3. Suga', and when such floof would be sleeping in your lap for an hour – how could one mind?
    Lauri, no matter what she carried in her tail: tinsel, or – if she had been outdoors – leaves, twigs, rodents, small birds – she would parade with the utmost dignity.

  4. very touching. and she's so beautiful and floofy.

  5. Cats enter this world, stay in this world, and leave this world exactly when and where they intend to. We can only be lucky enough to be there at the right time to enjoy it.Merry Christmas Pandora, and all Christmas cats who have chosen to depart exactly when they did.

  6. So true, Jay! It is a privilege to be allowed within their orbit!

  7. Hmmm… Methinks that shag carpeting is giving her floofiness some competition.
    Merry Christmas, Pandora. May you always keep watch over your loved ones.

  8. You are soooo spot on about the Inigo Montoya stuff – how many times have I see that expression on my Jessie's feline face! Of course, now I have received a kitty collar for my Kris Kringle present, I should really get a cat for my own house…

  9. Pandora could have left this world PLENTY of times – she seemed to enjoy taking her afternoon nap in the Middle Of The Street. There were many times when we had to scoop her up and place her on the sidewalk, out of the way of those naughty cars. Later on, she got the idea and would rest ON people's cars, setting off the alarms.
    I'm so happy that Pandora is so appreciated! Thanks, kids!

  10. Oooh, a nap in the Middle Of The Street?? well, I suppose that's an indication that Pandora knew she was the center of the world! :)congrats on the explore page acknowledgment, Aubrey.

  11. Pandora's *beautiful*!!! And you are correct — her expansive *floofiness* IS IMPRESSIVE!Aren't kitties THE BEST!? &:o)

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