Vox Hunt: By My Favorite Artist

Show us something by your favorite artist.
Submitted by Miss Parker


That's right.



Keep 'em coming.


Cutting the lock of hair



And relax.


These three drawings are by Aubrey Beardsley.  The first is called 'The Abbe', and it is from the very elegant naughty book that he wrote, 'Under the Hill'.  The second is 'The Death of Pierrot', and the last is from the Alexander Pope poem that he illustrated, 'The Rape of the Lock'.  It presents the moment when the Baron approaches Belinda, scissors in hand, seeking the lock of her hair.


There is a plaque attached to Beardsley's Brighton home, in Buckingham Road, where he was born, in 1872.  It describes him as a 'Master of Line'.  Which of course he is.  No one, in fact, comes close.

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5 responses to “Vox Hunt: By My Favorite Artist

  1. His work is just grand – my sister had a collection of his drawings and I discovered them in high school (I was in the thoes of passion with my love affair with Oscar Wilde). There's just an air of decadence to them that I just love, aside from the skill. And of course there are the randy bits…

  2. As for the randiness, there were the Lysistrata drawings, but I didn't want to attach any warnings or NSFW's or anything. Or there was the one from Salome which the editors turned down. Aubrey wrote:
    "Because this figure was undressedThis little drawing was supressedIt was unkindBut nevermind,Perhaps it was all for the best"

  3. lol! I must discover more about Aubrey Beardsley. These drawings are lovely and intriguing.

  4. I'd forgotten till I just looked now that he died so young.

  5. Yes, LT, my poor tubercular darling died just months before his 26th birthday.

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