Dad Goes To War

Here's my dad, around 1943.  He was a sailor in World War II, aboard a assault transport ship:


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6 responses to “Dad Goes To War

  1. What a lovely honor for your dad. I'll bet he's touched.

  2. hey! I was gonna say that…dad would not have been out of place in Anchors Away! or other sailors-on-leave-musical, dancing away. thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I was in the Loop of Chicago today and saw a bunch of sailors (the Great Lakes Naval Reserve is close by). There's just something about those silly uniforms and goofy hats that is strangely flattering to a young man. And man, did they all look so young.

  4. My dad was also at sea during the War, though he was a Merchant Marine guy on Liberty ships that convoyed supplies to England, Scotland – and Russia (Arctic circle ports; one of the most dangerous places to go due to the Nazi occupation of Norway – lotsa U-boats in those waters).After the fall of the USSR, he got a medal from Yeltsin for his service in what they call The Great Patriotic War. it's in a box, on some sort of foam backing – we don't know what they used, because the foam smells horribly rancid. Medal + box must be kept in a glass display case because of fumes!BTW, your dad was quite the handsome fella in his youth….

  5. Beautiful photo, Aubrey. I too will post a photo of my dad in Naval uniform. He was in the South Pacific. Your pop looks sooooo…paisano. Tres beau.

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