The Cafe Royal

I believe a while ago the Vox Question of the Day was to explain the name of your site.  I was highly enthused about that one, but as my computer was acting stupidly I was unable to act on that question.

However.  All seems serene for the moment, so  here we go.  The Cafe Royal was the Main Attraction of Victorian London.  It was where you went to eat, drink, socialize and to be seen.  Oscar Wilde had his only civil meeting with the Marquis of Queensberry there.  He lunched with Bosie there.  Max Beerbohm went there; he called the cafe's domino room the 'haunt of intellect and daring' .  The artist and wit Will Rothenstein drank vermouth there.   W. B. Yeats, Ernest Dowson, Arthur Symons, George Bernard Shaw, Paul Verlaine - AUBREY BEARDSLEY went to the Cafe (no doubt nursing the glass of milk his tuberculosis relegated him to, rather than a dose of grusome, green absinthe).   Civil and not-so-civil society attended.  It was the epitome of everything that was artistic, ravishing and scandalous in the late 1890's.

The collection of luminous names and voices that that place contained makes my head REEL.

So I honor it here.   And it serves as a reminder that I too should be as luminous as I possibly can.

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