It’s A Very Fine Line

It's a very fine line between acting languid and sounding sarcastic.  But should you ever be able to straddle that line and so be able to embrace both characteristics, a)  you would be very fortunate indeed, and b) you will be able to rattle off a fine line like this, without any trouble:

"I find you refreshing, (insert name here)You're not in the least witty, but you have a kind of obvious facetiousness which reminds me of the less exacting class of music-hall."

This was taken from "The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club", by Dorothy Sayers, a book abounding with languidity.  I always look to the Sayers mysteries whenever I feel that I need to brush up on my early 20th century upper-class slang.

I worship wit and words.  I adore dialogue.  I've heard it said that too much of an emphasis on cleverness and wit merely succeeds in cloaking the words' honesty.  Not so.  You'll get to the truth; only at a slower pace.  What's the rush?  You'll get there, and when you do you will not only be enlightened, but you will have also been entertained. 

As Dylan Thomas once said, "Love the words."


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2 responses to “It’s A Very Fine Line

  1. I adore Lord Peter as well; my mom and I read all the books and watched all the TV shows.

    That quote above, though, since I didn't immediately recognize it, I
    "heard" it in Hugh Laurie's voice. There's a man who can pull off
    dialogue like that.

  2. Bellona Club is the very first Lord Peter I ever read, followed by (I
    think) Clouds of Witness. But my favorite is The Nine Tailors, followed
    closely by Gaudy Night.

    Sayers definitely had a way with words. That's why I love her books so
    much. Not only did she have a good story to tell, she told it so well,
    with solid, polished writing.

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