Penniless. Divorced. Harassed By Creditors.

Not really.

My computer at home is still all broke up, is all.  And it's depressing.

Something behind its monitor must have blowed up real good, as its prognosis is critical and Highly Annoying.  I was just starting to enjoy this, my first blog, and all the blogosity that goes with it, as well as figuring out all the blogistics…and then this happens.  It's like being kicked out of your own room. 


Adding to the general wretchedness:   today was a very busy work day – which was compounded by a dull 2-hour staff meeting – and so my CuteOverload attendance was minimal.   So I couldn't even take any comfort there.

And we're having a heat wave in Los Angeles.

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6 responses to “Penniless. Divorced. Harassed By Creditors.

  1. Hey, I was called a "snotty twit" today on CO. It's not the wonderful accolades you receive, but I thought I would brief you on what happened while you were gone. On what happened to me, that is. Which I'm sure does nothing for you.
    Anyhoo – I hope tomorrow shapes up better for you.

  2. that. does. it. work will have to be infomed (kindly but sternly) that these 2-hour-meeting-nonsense has to stop. right now. we cannot allow teh Qte to suffer in your absence. or the blogosity. or the blogosation.sorry to hear about your PC. perhaps a swift kick in the boot is required?

  3. I read that comment, and before I had stopped shaking my head I was called back to work. Snottiness is a badge of honor; it lives next door to Sarcasm – though possibly on the wrong side of the tracks.
    I hope everyone has a good day today.

  4. I agree, Aubrey. I was quite proud of the response my comment elicited.
    Have a great day, yourself and best of luck!

  5. I was quite proud that Amy's being called "snotty" was b/c she was
    pointing out to the stoooopid people that they kept repeating what I'd
    already said in my First Post! It's not like my info was 100 posts down.

    I hope your life gets better soon, Audrey — in some fashion or another.

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