A Very Vine Tomato


Some time ago, my mother bought me a tomato.  It had rather a frisky stem and she thought it would amuse me to draw it.  So I did.  The result is above.  And although the paper has the color of a slice of ripe Gouda cheese, it is in actuality only a piece of old-school Strathmore drawing paper.  My scanning talents aren't exactly prime.

I hope to see this fruit/vegetable mutant published one day.  I will send it out when I have a suitable collection – a bouquet g-art-ni, as it were – put together.  Look for it in a low-circ, high-priced, low-paying magazine near you.

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2 responses to “A Very Vine Tomato

  1. Wow–very nice. What sort of magazine are you considering? Gardening, design, seed catalog? There are lots of options. Even cookbooks. Or a children's book about a giant tomato?
    It worked for the peach.

  2. There is a magazine called Alimentum, 'the only literary journal all about food'. I'm aiming for them. Thanks for the props, woofie.

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