I’m Here and I’m Bitter

Yes, all at the same time!  I'm announcing my first post on Vox and I'm announcing my anger at the look and feel of Los Angeles less than a month before Thanksgiving.  I'm probably cleaning my oven too, but that would be patently ridiculous.

Now.  See those trees?  To the right?  All burnished gold and stuff?  THAT'S what I'm talking about!  Deciduosity rules!  But roundabout Southern California all we seem to have are evergreens – the few trees who are good enough to lose their leaves during the Autumn merely become spontaneously Bleak.  No brilliant sheafs of orange and yellow.

The only time I've seen a show like that was when I was in England – in Oxford, actually – right around this time of year.  The leaves were SCARLET.  The sight of that and my nearly getting run over by a student on his bicycle made for a very eventful afternoon.

And don't get me started on the weather – oh, now, just don't! – 80 degrees in October I find offensive.  I know that people really suffer through a snowy Autumn and Winter, but this just ain't right.  Out of rebellion today I wore a wool skirt, boots and a long-sleeved shirt.  I wasn't too comfortable, but I'd like to think that I looked darned snappy.

Aubrey Beardsley
Brian Reade

 I'd like to end this screaming session with a mention of a very Vital Book.  A picture of it, anyway.  Read it.  Learn it.  Love it.

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16 responses to “I’m Here and I’m Bitter

  1. For a [relatively] painless way to add peeps to your 'hood, click here (my neighborhood) and right-click over the picture of each person you wish to add. that's it. ta-da!…this place is going to be dangerously punny with you around. teh cool.

  2. Welcome to the "hood" Aubrey ^.^

  3. Hi Aubrey – welcome to Vox! I love your Blog page! You will find many CO friends here, just waiting for you!

  4. Hi, Aubrey! I see we share a name:) Good to see you here! We can confuse everyone! Mwa-ha-ha….

  5. Aubrey M — THIS is the Aubrey we thought YOU were, a while back. So. Confuse us now? Ha HA! Do your worst. HER name isn't even really Aubrey![gleefully rubbing hands]

  6. hey aubrey.. saw that you finally got a vox page. 😀

  7. Welcome! Hugh Laurie hosted SNL last night (it was actually funny, imagine!), and during the monologue discussed what it means to have an English host. Amongst other things, he said that the show was going to be full of puns that will take Americans days to get, and I thought of you. I'll credit you to keeping my wits sharp enough to enjoy his show 🙂

  8. I thought of Aubrey right away, too, when Hugh said that, michelle. You know, after reading all the puns on CO, I can actually feel my brain working away more in that area…and…well, _I_ consider that a very good thing! ;)Hey, guys, when I click on "edit" to add Aubrey to my neighborhood, nothing happens. Has something changed?

  9. Hi Aubrey. This is Neylana from CO. I've posted there about twice in the year+ I've been going there. But I've been enjoying your poems so *shrugs* Welcome to Vox!

  10. Ah, thwarted again! Wah.

  11. What the bejaysus are you doin' in LA?!?!?! Come on out to Massachusetts, Aubs, and I'll show you humongo gray and violet clouds, with blue sky behind 'em, and trees that are…well, beyond golden by now. Lots of helicopters and leaves blowin' around. Welcome to vox, it's a kinder, punnier world with you in it. XXO

  12. w00t! Our Aubrey (no offense to Aubrey M, who we have discovered to be
    a fine person as well). So I suppose I should say, "Our Punny Aubrey".

    We have fall colors in Northern California — the leaves turn all gold and stuff.

    But, having grown up in snow, I tell ya — I'm taking the warm autumns and no leafage ANY DAY.

  13. I feel your pain, Aubrey. Here in PHX we only change seasons by temperature. Sure, in the spring we get lovely flowers – if we had enough rain during the winter. So we're either hot or not hot. Here's an excerpt from a real conversation I overhead once on a rare non-sunny day.
    "It's a lovely overcast day, isn't it?"
    "Oh, yes. It's gorgeous!"

  14. Welcome to Vox, Aubrey!

    I know I'm gonna confuse the two Aubreys, tho. Aubrey-without-an-M is
    the Pun Queen, and Aubrey-with-an-M is the NaNoWriMo-er…er, something
    like that.

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